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"I had the pleasure of having beautiful Mie throughout my pregnancy. She was a huge support, and you can always count on her. I had been incredibly anxious about the birth, and it was important to me that there was someone who understood me and could help me through the experience. It must be said that I succeeded. Mie also offers pregnancy massages, which every pregnant woman should indulge in. I experienced Mie as someone who is passionate about her profession, who is present and understanding. I would not have had my positive birth experience without Mie's skill. Can only send a warm recommendation if you are reading this as a pregnant woman."

Elvira Tintoré Kleist, mother of 1


“You used your information that I gave you and your incredibly insightful intuition and helped me so beautifully and naturally, hardly any words needed. You were an anchor for me AND my partner.”

Selma, mother of 1 

Back Massage

Karólína, mother of 2

"Að fara í nudd til Mie hjálpaði mér mikið á meðgönguni sem einkenndist af miklum grindarverkjum og þreytu. Eftir hvern nudd tíma fann ég fyrir greinilegum létti og var alltaf aðeins verkja minni dagana á eftir. Ásamt nuddi gaf hún mér líka ýmis ráð sem komu að góðum notum mæli með að prófa þjónustuna"

"Going to Mie's massage helped me a lot during my pregnancy, which was characterized by severe pelvic pain and fatigue. After each massage session, I felt a distinct relief and was always a little less sore the following days. Along with the massage, she also gave me various tips that came in handy, I recommend trying the service"

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