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Mie Thousing 

-Masseuse, healer, teacher and Doula

About Me.

I was born in Denmark in 1980 and had my first child in 2021. In 2017, I moved to Iceland after living in Copenhagen for three years. In Copenhagen I worked as a masseuse and energy therapist. 

In 2016, I had cancer and went through chemo treatments. During this time, I also used many holistic treatments to keep my body and mind healthy and balanced. I learned how to care for myself while being under tremendous stress. With that experience, I have gained a lot of personal knowledge about how humans react when things get difficult. I use that experience when working with pregnant and birthing women.


My pregnancy was not a piece of cake. I had a lot of pain and found what helped me the most was regular massage treatments. The birth was–as the midwives say–like a normal first time birth. For me personally, it was very long and scary. Mostly because I had to be transferred in the middle of the night from Selfoss to Reykjavík, not really knowing why. That made a huge impact on me.

I wished I had a doula by my side, someone who could explain to me during labor–but also afterwards–what actually happened. I also wished I had a doula to be an extra pair of caring hands and ears during childbirth. That is why I became a doula–to help other pregnant women. 

  • Before the birth: if you experience any discomfort and pain.

  • During labor: with extra attention and holding space so that you feel safe and in good hands.

  • After your little one has arrived: to help the new mum find her way back to her body and take the time for self-care while caring for a newborn. 


I am also a kindergarten, swim and childrens’ yoga teacher. These are all different areas of caring and teaching that help me in my work as a doula. I am passionate about helping people to safely learn something new, get out of their comfort zone and take care of their body and mind. That is who I am–someone who will hold your hand while going through one of your most beautiful moments in life: growing, birthing and caring for a new human.

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