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Hand on Bump

While pregnant

Soothing massage for your sore muscles and constantly changing body.
Rebozo treatment a old Mexican tradition working with a scarf to comfort and ease soreness and pain trough pregnancy.

Unwrapping Gift Box

Doula Package 

Two meetings before giving birth to talk about birthplan. 

Comfort and treatments with massage/ rebozo

4 weeks on-call from week 38-42 attending doing birthing.

1 visit in the next 24 hours after birth to talk through the birth, comfort, and what ever needed as a new parent.

6 weeks visit where I can offer you 3 diffrent services*

  • Massage

  • Closing ceromony with rebozo

  • Hairtest to check your vitamins and minerals for you to recover in the best posible way.

1 treatment is included in this packages, but all can be provided with additional payment. 

*this is very flexible and have you chosen one while booking but want another treatment this will not be a problem

Baby's Grasp

Post partrum 

Help after giving birth,

  • maybe you had a caesarean,

  • or you feel like you can't connect with your baby

  • breatfeeding is not going well,

  • baby won't sleep, you can't sleep even though baby sleeps

I will come and help you, together we figure out what you need, what can be done ect.

We talk about the difficult feelings, the hard conversations and things others won't understand. 

Treatments can be a combination with a therapy session I tailor togther with you what's makes you feel 100 % again.

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